The Journey

This page is a list of all of the posts that I have written. My goal is to fill in the blanks so as to leave you with the best picture of the Catholic faith I can give and how it leads and guides me today. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to see me cover!

The Mission

A Love Story

The Moment it all Changed
My Testimony

Goodbye Montclair
I Am Going To Be A FOCUS (Catholic) Missionary

Hope Through Brokenness
How I Define Myself
Why I Believe in God
What is the Relationship Between Faith and Science?
Why Faith?
What Draws Me to God
Shea’s Conversion Story
Creationism and Science
The World is not Enough
The Thirst and the Waters
Why believe?
Who is God?

Winning Back the Youth of the Catholic Church
Dia de los Muertos: Why are the Skeletons Happy?
15 Reasons to go to SEEK Conference 2015
Discipleship in the 21st Century
Climbing Mountains
A Gospel Presentation
FOCUS New Staff Training, Take 2
The Reformation is over. Kinda.
Jon’s Testimony: A Jew on the Path to Catholic Conversion
Missionary Life: Year 1 Reflections
Legacy of a Visionary: The Life of Pope John XXIII (Part II)
Legacy of a Visionary: The Life of Pope John XXIII (Part I)
Cases for the Catholic Church: Sacraments
Cases for the Catholic Church: Universality
Cases for the Catholic Church: Authority
You Can Tell the State of a Church By…
14 Reasons Why You Should Become a FOCUS Missionary in 2014
The Hardest Part
How to Share the Gospel: for Catholics!
El Dia de los Muertos and the Catholic Take on Death
Ask and It Will Be Given To You
Spiritual Impact Bootcamp
Missionary Life
Why Evangelize?
Salvation, Jesus, and Works
Baptism: Why Wait?
Perfect Worship
A Case for Discipleship and Spiritual Multiplication
An Ordered Life
A Missionary Church
What’s the Goal of Christianity?
Prayer: A Waste of Time?
What next?
No Time Like the Present
The Mercy of the Lord
The Significance of Easter
The Church and the World
A Lenten Reflection: How Can I Get Up? How Can I Go On?
Saints Mary and Joseph, Examples of Femininity and Masculinity
15 Steps to Pray Better
Pope Francis
What a Young Catholic Wants in a Pope
Have You Heard About the Pope?
Mass: The Liturgy of the Eucharist
“Work Out Your Own Salvation With Fear and Trembling”
Mass: The Liturgy of the Word
The Church is for You, too.
Manhood and Mass
The Introductory Rites of Mass
Hints of the Mass in the OT; the Church on Abortion
Off We Go
God is Love, Part 1
Why do Catholics have to go to mass on Sundays?
Did Jesus quote Deuterocanonical Books?
Lessons Being Learned
The Battle of Prayer
Your faith isn’t going to go anywhere..
On Jesus’ Love For Us
“The Church is Behind the Times”
Do Catholics Turn You Off from the Catholic Church?
Faith in the American Revolution and Jesus
A Hour With Jesus
Purgatory in Scripture
Christian Unity
First Things First
YOU are loved
No Matter Who You Are
YOU Were Made for Greatness!
Why Priesthood? Interview a Seminarian: John
Why Priesthood? Interview a Seminarian: Tom
The Hail Mary
The Ark of the New Covenant
Nice Tweet, your Excellency!
A Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ and Evangelization
Why Catholic?
Good Friday
Holy Week
What’s it like?
The Annunciation
God’s Will and Our Free Will- How Do The Pieces Fit?
Who is Jesus?
What’s the Bible?
Apostolic Succession
Faith and Works

Contemporary Issues:
10 Ways to Live as a Daughter of God- A Man’s Perspective
What is Chastity and Why is it Important: An Interview with a Youth Chastity Speaker
Hip Hop and The New Evangelization: What We Can Learn from Lecrae
Elephants in the Room
When I Called Out, You Answered
The Third Way: Homosexuality and the Catholic Church
If I were the Webmaster of Vatican.Va
Lessons Learned from a Catholic with Same Sex Attraction
Too Wise to Get Married?
Thoughts on People with Same Sex Attraction
Why Can Only Men Be Catholic Priests?
Our Message is Love
Beauty Will Change the World
What would you change about the world?
Engage the World, Online!
The Meaning of Life
The Case Against Same Sex Marriage
Bishop Jenky
I’m Pro-Life Because…
Mike Wallace Interviews Margaret Sanger in ’57
Stand Up For Religious Freedom!
Why Pro-Life
The HHS Mandate

10 Ways of Living as a Son of God
Fr. Dan’s Top Ten Dating Tips
Being Faithful Isn’t Manly?
Be honest, are you happy with how your life has turned out so far?
If I could be remembered for one thing..
Signs of the Transition to Manhood
Boys to Men
Friendship and Flirting
Don’t be Shy


1 thought on “The Journey

  1. Hi Chris,
    Your website and postings are very encouraging, sensitive and passionate. Keep up the good work in your ministry!!!

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