Ask and It Will Be Given to You

I’ve got two amazing prayer stories to share with you from the past week so far!

First, one of my friends, Brenden, has had a nagging pain in his shoulder for the past 9 months from a wrestling injury. After his invitation, a group of three of us prayed over him that his shoulder would heal on Sunday night. On Monday afternoon, he came up to me saying that his shoulder has no pain at all! For the rest of the week (today is 4 days later), it’s been the same story, his shoulder is feeling great! Praise God for His mercy in showing us His power.

The other time was just today during bible study. There were only two guys in study today, and as great as these guys are, we need to do more outreach in getting other guys to join us. The following statement by Pope Francis came to my mind, “When the Church does not come out of itself to evangelize, it becomes self-referential and then gets sick.” I decided that the best way to do outreach is to encourage us all to invite more guys by listing out loud who we are interested in inviting and then we all would pray for everyone listed every day this week. We closed study by praying for those guys, and guess who we run into immediately afterwards but one of them! We were introduced by the guy who knew him and this guy told us that he was very interested in joining! I was able to get his number so that I can invite him next week!

Praise God for His goodness and mercy! Don’t be afraid to ask God for what you need, He love to provide for the faithful. Matthew 7:7. Remember, evangelization starts with prayer.


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