Why Evangelize?

Are you convinced that you are called to evangelize? Hey, I’ll be the first to admit that it scares me. Evangelizing means being weird. Being different. People might make fun of you. They might even persecute you. ..But think about it, wasn’t that what happened to Jesus? Wasn’t Jesus thought of as weird? Wasn’t He different? Didn’t people make fun of Him?

Our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed, sentenced to an unfair trial, horribly beaten at the pillar, mocked, crowned with thorns, forced to carry his own cross, then crucified.

Jesus Christ, GOD, became one of us so that He could REDEEM us, and THAT was how He was treated.

He would have done it even if it was just for you. Everything that He ever did He did out of love for us. And He paid the ultimate price by dying for us.

How do I respond to love like that? How do you respond to love like that? It was His very command that we go forth and proclaim His word (Matthew 28:19-20). I know that I’ve let Him down. I’ve been too shy and too scared. But we have to be people of courage! Do not be afraid! There are people out there, who are actively searching for the truth, and they don’t know where to go. Our culture is losing it.. The divorce rate is over 50%, pornography generates more revenue in America than any other industry except.. gambling, parents pay to have their children in the womb killed and this is legal, and since the 1950s, the suicide rate among teenagers has gone up 500%. What is the answer to these troubles? The answer is timeless truth and beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s the answer. That’s always the answer. We need to respond Christ’s call that we evangelize if we want to help our families, friends, peers, and society in general.


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