Off to Summer Training

Ave Maria University

Hey everybody, just a quick update today. I’m off for training tomorrow for FOCUS. I’ll be at Ave Maria University in Florida for the next month and a bit. What I’ll actually be doing down there is still a bit of a mystery, but it seems like I’ll be learning a lot about fundraising, evangelization, and have a few crash courses on the faith. There’ll be about 500 missionaries there from what I’m hearing, so it’ll be such an exciting place to be at. The hope is that we all can go and set college campuses across America on fire for Christ with God’s grace. I expect to be challenged to the core, so that I can be more comfortable being uncomfortable for Jesus. Please try and remember me in your prayers, I would be very grateful for them! I’ll do my best to pray for all of you too! I’ll find out what campus I’ll be assigned to very soon, too!

“Sanctity is attractive at any age, and when it is young it is irresistible.” – AndrĂ© Frossard


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