What Draws Me to God

For some people, faith in God comes easily. For others, faith seems foreign and even scary. I’ve definitely experienced both. Here are some promptings in my heart that have led me to God:

  • A desire for purpose in life
  • Longing to be loved
  • Acknowledgement that all people are created uniquely and deserve to be loved
  • Desire for perfect justice
  • Desire for mercy for the wrongs I have done
  • A longing to thank the Creator for the beauty of nature
  • Desire for someone to stick up for me in good times and in bad, giving completely of themselves

God has fulfilled each of these desires in me and it has allowed me to live a happier, more fulfilling life. My life is just as hard as anyone else’s, but my faith is the rock on which I can stand steady even in the midst of storms and gives me hope and peace in all things.


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