Pope Francis

Pope Francis I appears on the central balcony

I love this man. Maybe that’s just the Catholic in me showing. But there’s something so warm about him. I just feel so good.

Former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., of Buenos Aires, Argentina is now Pope Francis.

He wasn’t even close to a front runner for the papacy.. I call myself a Catholic nerd and I still had never heard of him.

He looked so awkward and shocked out there on the balcony (did he remind anyone else of the Iron Giant???), but it was so beautiful to see the joy in his face when he began talking about our Father and speaking with his hands more.

He seems to have a huge Marian devotion, which I love. Check out his coat of arms, it’s practically all blue for our Blessed Mother:

Pope Francis Coat of Arms

I know that Latinos will be so joyful for this selection, it is a great gift to all of the devout Latino Catholics.

From what I hear, Pope Francis is practically a living saint. On his elevation by Pope John Paul II to become a cardinal, he urged Argentinians not to come, but to donate the money that they would have spent to travel to the poor.

The gift of a new pope is a sign of how God continues to care for the Church, even 2000 years after Christ founded the Church (Matthew 16:18-19). Thank you God.

Please keep Pope Francis in your prayers. This is an exciting time for the Church. Praise God for this wonderful man who said “yes” to God’s call.


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