What a Young Catholic Wants in a Pope

Curious what a young Catholic might want in a Pope? Here’s my grocery list as the Conclave begins on Tuesday March 12th (check out the pope alarm!):

  • Another Pope desperately in love with Jesus, just like Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict
  • A man completely devoted to sharing the Gospel to all of the corners of the earth
  • A man who will follow Jesus, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Church, the Church Fathers, and the inspired words of scripture instead of the trends of popular opinion and what the latest polls say
  • A man who will actively have an ear turned to the world and dialogue with the world
  • A man who is well spoken and attentive to all people, and can speak many languages well, especially English
  • A man who is eager to take advantage of the internet and the information age to share the Gospel- use that twitter account, make webcasts, make a facebook account, blog, meet the people where they are
  • A man who can make tough decisions, who is not afraid of reform, and trusts others who have the knowledge and experience to take charge of tasks that he can’t handle
  • A man who prayerfully discerns how the Church can best achieve its mission to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • A man who is willing to apologize for mistakes both by him and by members of the Church
  • A man who will travel the world, visiting as many nations as possible
  • A relational man, who is eager to share his own stories to inspire the public
  • A man who lives with visible humility, joy, peace, and love
  • A man who is actively committed to ecumenical dialogue
  • A man who can explain the faith in both simple and detailed ways, depending on his audience
  • A man with a strong prayer life that guides him when the going is rough
  • A man faithful to the deposit of faith that we have received from the Church
  • A man who especially has a heart for the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the defenceless, and all the “least of these”
  • A man who does not think himself worthy to be pope
  • A Saint

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