Your faith isn’t going to go anywhere..

.. if you don’t pray.

Prayer is the lifeblood of a relationship with Jesus Christ. So if you want to go deeper in your relationship with Christ (side effects might include: joy, peace, love, skipping around in public, hope in all situations, self-knowledge, generosity, courage, and salvation and eternal life), then you can’t forget this essential step.

I especially wanted to share this with you because I think that I’ve been a little lazy with my prayer lately, and with that I’ve felt like I’ve fallen a little from Jesus. That time of meditation, contemplation, and silence is perfect for calming down a busy day and keeping things in perspective, and it keeps us in touch. Just like not talking to a good friend in a while, it makes us uneasy and insecure about our friendship- and with Jesus it’s the same way.

Put in the time. You’ll thank yourself later.


One thought on “Your faith isn’t going to go anywhere..

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