Engage the World, Online!

Jesus has a calling for us all:

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you until the end of the age.” -Matthew 28:19-20.

How do we accomplish this nowadays? Generally, by proclaiming the Gospel and catechizing. We proclaim the Gospel by how we live our lives and by our words, they are BOTH very important.

One very important area to evangelize is online. People are online a lot, to say the least. Basically everyone in the west is online, especially the youth and those with the power to influence others. Check out this infographic, it’s super interesting and goes to show just how powerful the internet is for engaging the world.

Just think, each year, over $26 BILLION is spent on online advertising campaigns. Companies wouldn’t spend that type of money if they didn’t know that they could reach a lot of people there. So we know that it is worth our time to spread the Gospel message online. We do so much CONSUMING of the media that the world puts out there, but how often do we CREATE new media that presents the Gospel and the Christian way of life?

Despite all of that potential for reaching out to others and proclaiming the Gospel, do we really see it? The good news is that you can find it without too many snags, a Google search of Jesus gives you the basics at Jesus.org and Wikipedia, that’s fine. But what about reaching out to people who aren’t searching? How do we CHALLENGE people’s misconceptions about life, about Jesus, about Christianity? That’s where we need to be creative, and it’s tough. See, we aren’t only called to evangelize the people who are searching but also to proclaim the Gospel to those who are apathetic towards it!

We need to create powerful media that presents the Gospel in an attractive manner. We need videos. We need music. We need testimonies, blogs, and web sites.

One of the best examples that I can share with you is this:

It’s not Catholic so there are certain theological aspects that are incorrect, but it passes with flying colors in all of the other aspects. It is attractive and clean, clear and concise, creative and artsy. The audience feels emotion and a call to reevaluate their beliefs because of it. It is a call to reconsider preconceptions and to conversion. Boom baby, well done, Propoganda!

See, my point is that thanks to social networking and new technologies, we can engage the culture independently in ways that haven’t been possible before!

If you are reading this, you can and should do it, in some way which makes sense, taking into account the gifts that God has given you and where He is calling you to serve. I can’t do it alone. Nobody can do it alone. It has to be a team effort by the Church! If you really know and love Jesus, I’m sure that you’re dying to share Him with others!

Create content. Engage the culture. Spread the word. If you can blog, do it. If you can write songs, do it. If you’re artsy and can do videos, do it. Be creative, do something new! If you can’t do any of those, just sharing the Christian way of life on your facebook and stuff is priceless! We all have been given gifts by God to help bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Pray about using them for the glory of God, He will send the Spirit and all of our efforts will be made that much more fruitful!


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