The Thirst and the Waters

My heart holds waters like a dam, a dam full and ready to overflow.

It builds up in my heart, and it strains it, with little cracks along the sides. Why do they thirst?

These waters burden, yet they bring overwhelming joy, love, hope. How could a heart refuse these waters?

They are sweeter than honey and cool on a summer day. How I wish all could taste this water. It is a gift. It is love. How could one refuse?

These waters accumulated for years, seeping in under a closed door in the back. It was only after they reached my knees that I became aware of them. How many are drowning in their disbelief?

One day the flood will come, and this secret will be let loose, but until then, many in the world will continue to thirst. For some, the waters are far away. For others, there are too many other things to notice. They are fed like kings and their thirst satisfied, but there is something more here. Could this be it?

This heart thirsted too. Companionship, love, truth, and pleasure were fleeting. Having more just meant losing more. Nothing could be taken for granted. And time and time again this heart lost. The day came when it stumbled across a mighty boulder, actively giving peace to the soul, never wavering good times and in bad. The more that was had, the more was given. To its surprise, it noticed that the boulder had always been there. Where can truth be found?

Before, apathy, confusion, and fear reigned, but now, now the whole world is vast ocean to be explored. Their amazement and joy will be like a child who finally understands the words of its parents. The beloved now can hear the lover’s lullaby before bed. These are livings waters, the waters that bring true life.

“Whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst; the water I shall give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” -Jesus (John 4:14)


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