We all have incredible potential as human beings. We have the ability to do good in the world, to help others, to change our little corner of the world! We all have a calling to become the best versions of our self, for the sake of both ourselves and others.

Many people tend to shy away from conflict, from tension, from standing up for things. Is this a new phenomenon? Perhaps. But what is striking is how our culture seems to encourage us to stand down on the polarizing issues. It seems good at first: it seems to avoid conflict. But what does this standing down on the polarizing issues accomplish? It only seems to breed confusion and incoherence. There is a responsible manner of going about differences of belief and opinion, by peacefully exchanging ideas and clarifying the points of each side to avoid misconceptions. Unfortunately, the encouragement that we are receiving from popular culture to stand down on controversial issues is more of an opportunity for their own ideas to be promoted unopposed in the so called “free market” of ideas. Those who like to call their beliefs “acceptance” actually do have a veiled bias as well, and for that reason the very people that preach “acceptance” of all ideologies actually often are not open to other ideologies than theirs.

So what’s the point? Humanity is stubborn. We don’t like to change. We want to be right and we want everyone else to be wrong. But we must be open to testing the validity of others beliefs. My point is that we must always strive for truth, and promote the search for truth. If we are not living in the truth, well, our lives are basically being wasted on stuff that doesn’t matter. I better give an example to clarify: if someone was trying all their lives to become the next Santa Claus, and then at the end of their life someone broke the news to them that Santa Claus isn’t real, then their life up to then would have been basically a waste. See the point? If God doesn’t exist, all this “being a good person” stuff really doesn’t matter. If God does exist, all this “do whatever you want” stuff really could be an issue.

Here’s a challenge: seek the truth. Search with all that you’ve got, because truth exists and you’re wasting your life if you base your life off of the wrong truths. And once you find truth, don’t back down. Stand up for it because it is the truth! Don’t let others waste their lives! We must try to help each other out in our journey so that we all can be the best versions of ourselves and work together to make the world the best place that we possibly can, beginning with ourselves. We all must be people of courage, standing up for what we believe in, encouraging others to find truth instead of hindering them by telling them that “there is no truth” or “in the end it’s all the same.” If I want to build a good calculator, I better make sure the arithmetic behind it is solid and 2+2=4. If that’s wrong, what’s the point in building a calculator? Now apply that to your life.


3 thoughts on “Truth

  1. You could not be more right about the encouragement our culture, and often our families, give to the practice of conflict avoidance. I’ve had a few recent object lessons in how destructive that avoidance can be. Sure, it may be easier to go sit quietly in a corner and remain silent, but the people and peace we lose thereby can make our souls scream in pain. Thanks for the reminder, and peace be with you. — Kelly

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