I’m Pro-Life Because…

It’d like to present to you all a little project that I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. In this project, I decided to go around asking people why they were pro-life. I was expecting some pretty diverse reasons, but what struck me were the personal stories! How powerful and touching it is when you or a loved one was supposed to be aborted! Unfortunately, in the United States, we live in a country where at any time during our stay in our mother’s womb, we could have been killed and it would have been completely legal.

The goal for this video is to showcase just the tip of the iceberg of all of the different reasons why people support the pro-life movement, and to generate a good discussion.

So now it’s your turn! Why are you pro-life?

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9 thoughts on “I’m Pro-Life Because…

  1. I’m pro-life because one of our ten commandments says Thou shall not kill, Christ also teaches us to love one another and to care and stand up for the poor and defenseless, and the unborn are the poorest and most defenseless among us. Plus, it’s hypocritical for Christians to go around preaching about how we should care for the poor and defenseless whilst supporting abortion. Jesus Christ has a heart for innocent children, we should follow in His steps. Nice video.

    • “…Plus, it’s hypocritical for Christians to go around preaching about how we should care for the poor and defenseless whilst supporting abortion. Jesus Christ has a heart for innocent children, we should follow in His steps…”

      Presumably then you don’t pay taxes too to ensure you aren’t paying for the killing of tens of thousands of innocent children in current illegal wars and the devastating effects of depleted uranium weapons currently being used by the western military.

      The statistics clearly show that unwanted teenage (or older) pregnancy is far more likely to occur for the most vulnerable girls/ women in society – poor, uneducated women from dysfunctional famies who have probably endured some kind of childhood sexual abuse (a well known cause of promiscuity in later life). In fact the unwanted pregnancy itself may have been the result of pressured sex, prostitution or even rape.

      Jesus would probably say that condemning these vulnerable people because it is so easy to do so, while simultaneously supporting the mass slaughter with your tax money is extremely hypocritical.

      But what do you think? Do you mind paying for child murder? When your moral principals (such as: murder is wrong, babies and children have a right to life) means being having to actually DO something do you think it’s OK to just abandon morality for the sake of an easy life?

      Do you support this? Are you pro life?

      • Your question on taxes is a non-sequitor, our taxes go for many wonderful things: combating disease, overseas aid, protection of the environment, aid for the poor, but yes, our taxes also go for egregious things: war, the military industrial complex, support for radical zionism (by no means take this as an anti-semitic statement, I believe Israel has a right to defend itself, but has no right to continue pushing into the West Bank and Gaza with American tax dollar support).

        If your asking if I support war, No! If your asking if I agree with the War on Terror, No! If your asking if I support my government and everything it does, No! Jesus would not “probably” say it’s hypocritical, it is hypocritical that million of Christians in America support war, blindly support Israel while not caring about the Palestinians, and continue to believe we should have more nuclear and chemical weapons. The United States has an obligation to lead by example, and therefore, the US should ban and dismantle all atomic weapons, should ban and dismantle all chemical and biological weapons, and pursue a foreign policy of neutrality and not engage in war, nor support any nation that does, and her foreign policy should be one of overseas aid, and by overseas aid I mean humanitarian.

        Jesus did say “render unto Caesar, all that is Caesar’s”, so if you’re also implying I should be evading all taxes, I disagree. But if you’re asking about war, weapons, intervention, etc., I agree. My answer probably doesn’t suffice to what you really wanted, if you wanted me to say I support no taxes and that I don’t pay any because of this. You’re right, pro-life is more than abortion. It’s being against war. It’s being against the death penalty, and it’s being against inhumane treatment of others, and there are some who live up to this truly pro-life standard.

  2. I am pro-life after many years of originally being pro-choice. The horrors that ravage a woman’s body, mind and heart after an abortion are too great. I’ve seen the pain friends have suffered after an abortion. I saw the difficulty they had trying to conceive a few years down the road and the difficult pregnancy when they finally did – all due to the scaring and damage from the abortion.

    I myself have been sexually assaulted and abused. Had a pregnancy occurred due to this or my own promiscuity, I would keep that baby. Who am I to be selfish enough to decide my life is more important than anyone else’s life? Even if I couldn’t keep the baby myself, I would allow that child to be adopted and loved by a family who could not conceive and who yearned for a baby. That child maybe would have been conceived in something dark and ugly, but that does not make the baby undeserving of life or love. And if the pregnancy would possibly kill me, I would still try to carry that baby to term. If it is my time, then it is my time. Why would that baby deserve any less of a chance at life than me?

    As for deformities and mental exceptionalities, how do those make a life any less beautiful or important? I have loved ones who suffer from both of these things. They may have difficulties, but their lives are full of love and their quality of life does not suffer because my family will not allow it to suffer. We are by no means rich, but there is always a way. Not only that, our lives are made better by those loved ones being there too.

    When a child is aborted, that life is being likened to that of an insect so easily squashed because you are unhappy it has entered your house. I am sorry, but a human life, no matter how new, deserves more dignity than a cockroach.

    I used to think being pro-choice enabled and empowered a woman. What truly empowers a woman is when she has a enough courage and self-control and more importantly SELF-RESPECT. I did not realize what this meant when I was younger. I thought self-respect was being please with how I looked in the clothes I wore. Self-respect is knowing what is right and just and good and reflecting that to the world. Self-respect is having dignity for yourself and showing that same dignity to other lives (from conception to natural death).

    That having been said, I would never judge someone who had an abortion or who is pro-choice. I would love them as I love anyone else. I might try to sway the mind of someone who is pro-choice, but it is not my place to judge.

    • Wow thanks for such an awesome response, All Life is Beautiful! That’s enough for a blogpost in and of itself, haha!

    • “That having been said, I would never judge someone who had an abortion or who is pro-choice. I would love them as I love anyone else. I might try to sway the mind of someone who is pro-choice, but it is not my place to judge.”

      I think that it is one thing to judge their actions, but not their souls. That’s an important distinction to make. As Abby Johnson once pointed out in a manner that I think instructive, many of those who are pro-choice do genuinely think that they are being supportive of women. So we do have to view them with compassion.

      But compassion, as we know or should know, does not mean approval. As you’ve quite eloquently pointed out in your post– and I agree with everything you’ve written except for the last paragraph– there is a better way to be supportive of women, and to encourage their self-respect and dignity. This is something that needs to be acknowledged, as you have done. Else, it becomes yet another “personal choice” among personal choices. We are free to choose between right and wrong. But right and wrong do exist. It is admirable to care about the dignity of women, as we all should. But it is quite another indeed to think that that goal is best supported and met by abortion on demand.

  3. I am pro-life because during my pregnancy I knew before the doctors confirmed I was indeed pregnant, 8 negative blood tests and 3 empty-uterus ulrasounds, and in a matter of fifteen days I was told my son was 7 weeks gestation. I knew I had life growing inside me before medical tests proved. I saw my son develop an unmistakable trolloping heart full of life to him born at 35 weeks…lanugo hair and all, perfect and truly blessed. This is why I am pro-life.

    • I’m not sure there could be a more intense passion for the children in the womb than when a woman is pregnant with her own child. Thank you for sharing Lilly!

      • All I know is I found being pregnant undeniable even when there were negative ultrasounds and negative blood tests and my gynecologist stated I was not. Life is present the moment of conception. And, you are welcome!

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