Who is God?

There’s a lot of ideas of God out there. You’ve got the Buddhist/Hindu version of God being in everything and everything is the same, you’ve got the religions stemming from Abraham, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, which believe in one God, you have the many gods of native tribes, and the general heavenly spirit of contemporary “spiritual” people, and countless other ideas.

So what does that say about humanity? I’d argue it means that means that it is instinctive for humans to believe in a higher power. Modern atheism as we now know it is actually a pretty modern phenomenon, and even now as I do a little Wikipedia research, only 2.3% of humanity labels themselves as atheists. Over the years man has sought meaning in life and tried to understand who we are and where we are from. God has been the instinctive answer, and it makes a great deal of sense. As we look at it from the brute scientific point of view, the universe as we know it must have been created by a higher being.

But what sort of higher being are we talking about here? This is a God who is all powerful. God is all powerful because He would have to have the power to create the universe, to set those universal constants, etc. This is also a God who doesn’t need any more glory, love, etc. This is because if God needed things, God would therefore not be God, God would be limited. This means that God does not need us (yea, I know, that’s pretty mind-blowing in and of itself). We learn that God is eternal, because if He existed before the big bang and so on, it only makes sense that God was always present. What would have changed to have created the Creator of all? Check out Scott Hahn’s “A Father Who Keeps His Promises” for a  more thorough take on this concept.

Dr. Peter Kreeft’s 12 Ways to Know God is a great list to check out. I’d encourage everyone to check out the rest of his website as well, what a great resource!

We learn a heck of a lot more about God, like His omnipresence- His being present everywhere- as we look back at human history on how He has interacted with us, most significantly in the incarnation of God, in Jesus Christ. There we truly see that “God is love,” as is often quoted from the first letter of John in the New Testament. I believe that in order to qualify this I will be exploring why we can trust the Bible and who Jesus is and why we can believe Him in later posts.

Despite all of these ways of knowing God, He still remains incomprehensible for us. He is above our imagination, anything that we could think of. Crazy, huh?! But we do know that we can come to know Him more and more, and we can find out more and more about Him,  who created us out of love, in our lives. Keep searching! Check out this cool quote by a guy most scientists and engineers are very familiar with:

“Something incomprehensible is not for that reason less real.” -Blaise Pascal


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