Houston, We Have a Problem.

There is a void in our society. I think it is safe to say I mean western society in general. It affects sons, daughters, wives, neighbors, and friends. It is undeniable that it has steadily become worse over time.

This void is the lack of strong male leadership. It is most evident to see this deficiency when you turn on the tv. Who’s offered as role models for boys? You have Homer Simpson and Co from the sitcom world, who are generally lazy and inattentive to their families. You have Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods from the athletic world, both unfaithful to their wives. You have politicians like Bill Clinton and Herman Cain who were also unfaithful.  Lil Wayne and Drake are two rappers that most boys idolize growing up, with lyrics like “I might go crazy on these ***** I don’t give a **********, run up the ***** house and shoot his grandmother up, what” and “sometimes I need that romance, sometimes I need that pole dance, sometimes I need that stripper thats gon’ tell me that she don’t dance.”

It is easy enough to illustrate the problem, but how do we fix it? What does manhood really look like nowadays?

A real man treats others, especially women, with respect. A real man’s word is true. A real man seeks to help those in need. A real man takes initiative in the workplace and at home, always lending a hand. A real man is forgiving and just. A real man knows that to love means to sacrifice of yourself for others, not just to have passionate feelings towards another. A real man keeps his head when the going is rough.

An example of a real man nowadays is Mark Wahlberg. Check out this clip of him with Piers Morgan:

We need more real men like Mark Wahlberg. These men will make great fathers, husbands, leaders, and role models. They will teach their sons how to treat women well. They will teach their daughters how they aught to be treated. They will do everything that they can support their wives. Men, I challenge you to step up to the plate and become real men.


One thought on “Manhood

  1. Amen. We actually discussed this in a Bible Study yesterday. Started out talking about Genesis Chapter 2 & how Adam had the responsibility of protecting the Garden of Eden, and how he should’ve been watching after Eve when she at the fruit from the tree. If the entire Bible starts out with the idea of man protecting women, I think it just may be a key part of life. Maybe I’m being irrational….

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